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Re-Ruta: Nostalgia and the Struggle to Document a Post-Franco Youth Subculture

My undergraduate dissertation for my degree in Modern Languages and Cultures (French and Spanish) at Durham University explored "La Ruta del Bakalao", the name commonly given to the 90s acid house rave explosion in Valencia, in a post-Francoist context through the lens of subcultural studies and nostalgia artefacts from the era and made more recently.

It is quite an academic read that gives an introduction to the legacy of a club scene that not many even in Spain know about, yet had just as much worldwide cultural significance as such cultures in Manchester, Berlin and Ibiza, made all the more unique by Spain's historical context and lack of concrete regulation.

Primary sources explored:

- Sonido de Valencia 1990 – 1999, Valencia: Contraseña Records [CD]

- Francino, Carles (1993). La ruta del bakalao: Hasta que el cuerpo aguante. Canal+, Spain (Broadcast 23 July).

- Bayo, Chimo / Zafón, Emma (2016). No iba a salir y me lié, Barcelona: Roca Bolsillo.

Dissertation- Final
Download DOCX • 3.72MB

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