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Since graduating with a degree in French and Spanish in 2020's first Covid lockdown, I've pursued a media career. I currently work in research and insights at ITV Studios, but I have also been in creative roles elsewhere, shooting and editing online videos, hosting and producing radio shows and designing websites.

My personal brand revolves around three concepts:


I am passionate about conveying a story, vocally or in writing, riffing on my own style whilst being respectful to stakeholders, in several languages.


I am in my element researching new things from around the world, comparing all sources, keeping an eye on diversity of opinion, and recycling them into something everyone can understand.


I am friendly and outgoing, and try to apply an adequate sense of humour to any task I undertake, whilst maintaining professional composure. I am an advocate for autistic people in the creative media, and am empowered to make the workplace better for all neurodivergent people.

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